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The Dependent Independent Podcast

Oct 26, 2017

In this episode, Nick G. gets a virtual visit from Rafael Jauregui, the creator and future broadcaster @, to analyze and nerd out on the impacts of childhood bullying. Nick G. walks through some impactful memories of being bullied through childhood and adolescence while Raf ponders how our host arrived here in...

Oct 24, 2017

Control of the world around us is a commodity that we don't have much of. What we do have is the power to control ourselves in all the chaos. Nick G. shares a few stories in this MiniSode that test the control of the mind AND his waistline. 

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Oct 17, 2017

Joined by fellow podcaster and voice creator, David Steele from A Quest for Magic and Steele podcast, he and Nick G. figure out not only what makes us create the things we do, but what drives us to keep doing it.

We are a bit biased, but this episode's "Are You Listening?" podcast has to go to Nick G.'s Meg & Liv on the...

Oct 11, 2017

In their first official podcast on their own, hear Meg and Liv share there stories of getting back into the MOM dating game after diving head first into mom hood. It all starts somewhere and this is where they do just that. 

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Oct 10, 2017

After a challenging week of work, Nick G. reflects on the times we lose ourselves while focussing on the drastically most important. Focussing can be so damn distracting. 

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